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With locations in Nashua, NH, and Beverly, MA, Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc. is a full service provider of Internet, voice, and data center solutions.  We combine project specific professional services teams and high quality telecommunications and cloud products with a customer focused help desk to provide a unique technology experience for our customers.

We have the tools and the experience to design, implement, and manage our technology solutions for our customers over the long term. We service customers ranging from small companies to large multi-site corporations.  Contact us today for a Free Consultation.

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Featured Product

Prospeed.net Ethernet Services

Prospeed.net Ethernet Services deliver access to corporate networks, either point to point or the Internet, and network-based applications at ranges from 1 to 1000 Mbps (a.k.a. Gigabit Ethernet). Some features include:

Bandwidth shaping to Multiple Tier1 Carriers to keep latency low with a strong redundancy design Highest capacity aggregate speeds

More Direct, 100% symmetrical fiber so that upload speed is not at a reduced performance Layer 2 point to point connectivity direct to Hosted Tel’s data centers Firewall management and backup connection failover can be built into our solutions 5 day installation lead time in our lit buildings such as the Cumming Center in Beverly