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Headquartered in Reading, MA, Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc. is a full service provider of Internet, voice, and data center solutions.  We combine project specific professional services teams and high quality telecommunications and cloud products with a customer focused help desk to provide a unique technology experience for our customers.

We have the tools and the experience to design, implement, and manage our technology solutions for our customers over the long term. We service customers ranging from small companies to large multi-site corporations.  Contact us today for a Free Consultation.

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Wireless Broadband

Now that you have moved your business’ CRM, data storage, email, and your unified communications to the Cloud, always on Internet Access becomes even more critical, and your customers just expect business continuity. Our wireless backup solution will make sure your business is always up and running. Features include 4G LTE Speed, Static IPs, and usage rates below land-line carrier fixed costs. We combine the router features of auto-failover, monitoring, alerting, and router management to make a uniquely effective backup solution to Broadband cable and fiber optic Internet Access. The low monthly cost for this effective solution will shock you!