Hosted VoIP

hosted-voIpHosted VoIP is how Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc got its name! We team up with world-class carriers to install, build and manage the most reliable, well-executed hosted telecom solutions for our customers. We combine proper LAN and WAN integration, combined with a voice design team that knows the details of how to build a voice solution at a small-to-large-company level from the ground up, from auto-attendants, ring-back hunt groups, call reporting and recording, and 4-digit dialing, to directing inbound call flow between your service reps. We can help.

Any Phone, Any Where
With Hosted VoIP, your employees can work at the office, at home, or on the road, and still access every feature available on their desk phones on all their devices, whether it is simultaneous ring to their cell phones, or using Hosted VoIP over an iPhone or iPad app, making calls over WiFi, or plugging a phone into any internet connection in the world.

Unified Communications
Hosted VoIP is a powerful way to implement unified communications because of its simplicity of design and the fact that it is future-proof in that, as software and applications change in the marketplace, new Broadsoft revisions are released that integrate with these applications. Voice, video, fax, voice mail and email integrate into a single business-class solution.

Hosted VoIP for Business Continuity
While you are designing a business continuity plan to prevent the interruption of mission-critical applications for your company data and email, consider Hosted VoIP for voice. With auto-attendants, call distribution, and voice mail hosted in a carrier-class data center, Hosted VoIP is the perfect business-continuity solution that links to cell phones and alternative numbers when your place of business loses power or connectivity.

Simple Moves, Add Changes
With an easy-to-use administrative portal, you do not need to know difficult programming or call in specialist to make changes to your phone system. Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc. supports and works as an administrator for your Hosted VoIP Telecom solution. Our ticketing system and responsive service team handles basic to complex changes as your staff changes and your company needs change. Take us up on a free web portal demonstration!

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