Internet Access

internet-accessFrom fiber-based Ethernet and MPLS to coaxial cable and 4G LTE wireless, Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc.’s high-bandwidth solutions support your gateway to the cloud with service level guarantees and automatic failover to redundant connections.  Our Network Design specialists will find the right high-bandwidth solution at the right cost for your company and situation, and our dedicated support team will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Fiber Optic Solutions
Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc works with most major backbone providers and provides solutions for fiber to the customer’s premises on Verizon TLS, Comcast fiber, Lightower, XO, Level 3, RCN, Cogent, and most fiber backbones in the marketplace, which we pair with the best ISPs, and connect via dedicated loops to our customers’ premises and data centers.  We combine fanatical support with competitive pricing and build in backup solutions that actually work.

We offer high-bandwidth solutions over Coaxial cable with the area cable companies, depending on geographic location, both as a backup to fiber and as a primary connection – depending on your company’s size and needs – which we mesh with LAN/ WAN deployment best practices.

Where we can now offer our customers 12M to 5M download speed over wireless, wireless is becoming more and more effective as both a useful backup and as a primary connection for some applications. See our Broadband Wireless products.

With the ever increasing demands of big data, Cloud computing and file access, Social Media, VoIP and Video, sometimes an end-to-end dedicated, private IP connection between your company locations and your data center makes the most sense for your business.  Be in control with end-to-end network visibility!

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