Telecommunications Help Desk

Telecommunications-Help-DeskMany companies realize that they want their IT department spending their time fixing PCs and giving them day-to-day help with their applications and making their employees productive.  Moves, adds, changes of phones, phone lines and cabling needs, and telecommunications problems generally rest below the skill level of their IT staff, both from a time-management and a dollar-per-hour standpoint.  Especially for companies with multiple sites and managers, it just makes sense to use a telecommunications service team with a good SLA to field telecommunications issues and moves.

Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc. can help!  Our service desk, software ticketing and staff will track all your issues in a single portal where you can view your tickets and open issues and their progress, and provide email notifications of progress to your company staff.  We can even automate processes where we open tickets in your IT enterprise portal when work orders are assigned to technicians.  We also provide all of the technicians and technical expertise your company may need to solve any telecommunications problem, whether through an on-site technician or remotely.

Let us manage your company’s telecommunications for you:

  • Resolution of trouble calls for data and telephones
  • Resolution tracking through our help desk portal and email alerts
  • Coordination of new, or changes in existing, data and telephone service
  • Voicemail setup and troubleshooting
  • Coordination of cable installation for data and telephone service
  • Training to help staff and departments fully utilize telephone system features
  • Guidance in maximizing the efficiency of the company’s telephone systems
  • Billing questions and issues with telecommunications carriers
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