Virtual Private Servers

Virtual-Private-ServersIf you are hosting your company’s database, email, or CRM server within the walls of your own business, you are taking a chance. You know that your business data is the lifeblood of your company. Have you taken the proper safety precautions to ensure it is protected?

Hardware failure happens on average within 3-5years of the original purchase. Why gamble with your data? Moving your servers to the Cloud is a smart move – and it is cost effective. Hosted Telecom Solutions will virtualize your servers and move your data for you.  Rest easy knowing your business is safe from human or mechanical mishaps in our SAS 70 Type II-compliant datacenter.

Moving your servers to the Cloud is the smart choice

About Virtual Private Servers
Virtual Private Servers use physical servers acting as a host for several virtual machines, complete with their own individual Operating Systems and administration systems. A virtual server functions exactly like a physical server, but without you being responsible for either the physical or financial maintenance.

Managed Service on VPS
We offer a managed support level on Cloud and dedicated platforms, so you can focus on building your Cloud, not on running it. Our team will help you with your databases, storage and backup, and server monitoring, and assist with DNS and dedicated connectivity to your Cloud.

Easy and Affordable
HTS’s server virtualization solutions are dedicated to your needs. Each virtual server can run a full Operating System and can be independently rebooted in minutes. Increase hardware utilization and cut power costs while enabling your organization to rapidly configure and deploy new servers. When it comes to virtualization, Hosted Telecom Solutions is making this revolutionary technology accessible and affordable to all businesses.

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