Wireless Broadband Backup

Wireless-Broadband-Back-UpNow that you have moved your business’s CRM, data storage, e-mail, and unified communications to the Cloud, always-on Internet access becomes even more critical – and your customers just expect business continuity.  What would happen to your business if you were without Internet for a day?  A company of 10 employees where each person makes $50,000 per year would lose $2,000 in salaries alone, not including lost sales, customers who are not helped, vendors that are not dispatched, and lost time.

Traditionally, to reduce this risk, businesses have installed secondary land-based Internet connections, often at high expense – but not as high an expense as being without service!

Our wireless backup solution will make sure your business is always up and running.

Features include 4G LTE speed, static IPs, and usage rates below land-line carrier fixed costs.  We combine the router features of auto-failover, monitoring, alerting, and router management to make a uniquely effective backup solution to broadband cable and fiber optic Internet access.

  • Pooled 4G LTE usage is at wholesale rates below fixed-line carrier costs
  • Multiple carriers and custom antenna installations make sure the coverage is there
  • Plug-and-Play simplicity with remote configuration through our own static IPs
  • Auto-failover engineering and testing built into the solution
  • 4G Speed of 5M to 12M
  • The security of a private fixed IP network is available with IPSEC VPN
  • Monitoring, alerting, and reporting of primary-line outages is included!

The low monthly cost for this effective solution will shock you!

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