Wireless Broadband Partners

featured_pro (1)Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc. is looking for partners who want to bring the benefits of 4G wireless backup to their customer base of Internet and WAN customers.  Your customers will appreciate the redundancy and peace of mind that comes from an Internet access solution with the highest availability-to-cost ratio in the marketplace.  We offer 2 Tiers of partners:

Referral Agents – If you want to simply refer a few customers for us to bring a solution to, and have Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc complete the sales and the WAN networking and setup through our experienced, automated provisioning process, this is for you.

Agents – If you are used to doing business in the IT and Telecom marketplace and handle the selling to your customer base, this is for you.  You will be responsible for doing the selling and the signing, and gather WAN information from your customers; then Hosted Telecom Solutions’s provisioning and engineering team and process will ship the product and optionally complete the installation – whatever you prefer.

Let us help your customers with always-on Internet access and availability to their cloud!

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