Wireless Internet Access

Wireless-Internet-AccessWith 4G LTE with speeds of 5M to 12M and wireless coverage becoming more consistent, companies are using wireless broadband more and more.  If inexpensive fiber or coaxial broadband is not available where you are, wireless may be a good alternative to slower T-1 and DSL technologies. Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc. delivers business-grade Wireless Broadband with reliability and security.

This is what we mean by Business-Grade:

  • End-to-end managed ordering, configuration, and service delivery
  • Engineering support with IT consultants on call to help with LAN and WAN deployment
  • 24/7 management through web portal access, e-mail alerting, and our partners’ NOCs
  • Static IPs for device management, failover, and Ping tests
  • Encrypted VPN service available to connect your company locations on a primary VPN or on a secondary VPN for backup of mission-critical locations
  • Sophisticated router options, with advanced WiFi encryption, auto-failover of a 2nd connection, LAN segmentation, and enterprise routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF, RIP, VRRP and STP
  • Load balancing across wired and wireless connections

Whether it is a simple deployment of Wireless Broadband as a pass-through to your firewall, or a more sophisticated installation where we are load-balancing internet connections and building a VPN, we are ready to help and bring our expertise to you!

Our Wireless Broadband Internet solutions also feature:

  • Customized hardware deployments
  • Implementation of antennas, boosters, modems and more
  • PCI-compliant ATM and POS connectivity
  • Secure private IP network connectivity
  • Real-time monitoring of data usage and device wellness
  • Remote management alerting and configuration tools

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